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  • Promotional Gateway
    5,000INR (.5 Paisa Each) 1,00,000 Mails
    • 1 Month Validity
    • Send Emails Anytime
    • Basic Automation System
    • 24x7 Active Application
    • Track Customer Activity
  • Transactional Gateway
    10,000INR (.10 Paisa Each) 1,00,000 Mails
    • 1 Year Validity
    • Send Emails Anytime
    • Instant Account Activation
    • Standard Automation System
    • Transparent Report
    • 24x7 Active Application
    • Track Customer Activity
  • OTP Gateway
    17,000INR (.17 Paisa Each) 1,00,000 Mails
    • Lifetime Validity
    • Send Emails Anytime
    • Advance Automation System
    • Transparent Report
    • 24x7 Active Application
    • Track Customer Activity
  • Dedicated Gateway
    20,000INR (.20 Paisa Each) 1,00,000 Mails
    • Lifetime Validity
    • Send Emails Anytime
    • Customized Automation System
    • Transparent Report
    • 24x7 Active Application
    • Track Customer Activity
    • Dedicated Master Account
  • Customized
    As per actual Per Year
    • We are happily Bound to match your expectations with Pricing & Services


Genuine Report

All information on Your Tips

User - friendly

Easy to Use & Manage

Free API

No Cost on API to Integrate

Email Scheduling

Send Emails on time

Display - Id

Use Your Brand Name

Personalized MSG

Send Message with Name

Multi Language

Multi Format Supported

URL Tracking

Track the Url of Email

Realtime Tracking

Track the Delivery Progress

Instant Delivery

Deliver Emails Quickly

High-End Security

Next Level security for data

Super Flexible

24x7 Active Account

Ultra-Fast Route

Just 1 Click to Deliver All

Support Unicode

Multi-Format Supported

Master Account

Manage Everything

Branding Option

Your Panel - Your Brand

Why Email Marketing?

  • People keep their smartphones within arm's reach

  • 60%

    People open an Email within 5 minutes

  • People click the URL in an Email, compared to other

  • 57%

    Consumers consider opting into a brand’s loyalty program

  • People in India suffer from ‘nomophobia’ the fear of being without a smartphone

  • 20%

    Email campaigns receive an average response rate of 20%, compared to others (if conducted properly)

Mailing Platform

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If you seek the optimal strategy to promote your business directly to the right audience, you've arrived at the perfect destination. DIGITALAPSS Bulk Email Services specializes in the bulk mailing—an incredible avenue for capturing your customer's attention with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

An Amazing Technology

Our objective is to provide a simple & cost-effective solution for bulk mailing with all the trending features, such as personalized emails, crystal clear delivery reports & API access that is suitable for any size of business.

Why Use Bulk Mailing

Bulk email services offer a cost-effective solution for reaching a large audience compared to traditional marketing channels. With minimal expenses, businesses can achieve significant outreach.

Expertise Across All Platforms

We have extensive expertise in most of all industry domains, including On-demand, Event & Conference, Health & Fitness, Transportation, Photo & Video, Social Networking, Food and Beverages, and Travel & Tourism that enable us to deliver the most trusted services for various industries.

# Sending bulk emails allows businesses to convey their message to a wide audience within a short timeframe. This time efficiency is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive promotions and announcements.

# Automation features in bulk email services enable businesses to schedule campaigns, set up drip campaigns, and send personalized content based on recipient behavior. This enhances engagement and customer relationships.

# With bulk email services, businesses can reach a global audience effortlessly. This is particularly advantageous for companies that operate on an international scale or wish to expand their market reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Bulk Mailer allows you to send a test copy of your message to yourself to ensure it looks the way you want.

Yes. You can import a HTML file to Bulk Mailer from your local hard drive.

Yes. You can stop a running email campaign at any moment. Bulk Mailer can automatically recover the interrupted mailing and resume where you left off.

You can create as many lists as you want in Bulk Mailer

We impose no sending limits, you should tune your campaign to suit your VPS resources and your recipients mail servers limits but we recommend sending not more than 10,000 -15000 emails per day from any VPS in order to keep it in the safe zone without spam complaints, taking in consideration that a message body not exceeding 10KB.

Inbox delivery depends on multiple factors. ISPs such as (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo etc) will consider many things for your Inbox delivery such as your domain/IPs/server reputation, your email content, your email list, sending volumes per hour/ per day towards their user’s email IDs, Users reactions towards your emails etc. Initially, it could have happened that your email will delivery to the spam folder since your domain/server/IP will be a new setup and ISPs will take time to recognize your domain/IPs as an email sender. Our customer is getting from 5 to 80% open-rates (we can measure the delivery based on the number of open/read emails ).

This variation in delivery rate is completely based on the above-mentioned factors.

You can use the following tags in your email or in your subject line.

Hello [Subscriber_FNAME] [Subscriber_LNAME],

Result: If there is a first name populated in the data, then it will appear as: Hello David Smith, You can open and edit these tags in your lists custom tags if required

Write down any text for unsubscribing as following. Such as: “Click here for unsubscribing from these email campaigns” or<

“Opt-out from our mailing list from here” etc. Now select the text and open the link option. Open link option and paste [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] in URL. It will be now hyperlinked with Unsubscribe URL. Note: Any Custom tag such as [FNAME] or [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL], will only work in actual campaigns, not in test/preview email.

Yes. There is no limitation on the number of attachments one email can have in Bulk Mailer, however, some mail servers do have that limitation

When an email is returned to the sender without being accepted by the recipient’s mail server, the email is called bounce. There 2 categories as following for bounces.

Hard Bounces – A hard bounce means the email does not exist anymore on the target server, or it has been blocked/disabled Or the target server does not exist etc.

Soft Bounce – Unlike hard bounces, soft bounces can happen for reasons like server/account temporarily unavailable, not enough disk space to store the email on the server, or the receiving server is too busy etc.

The system will handle the hard bounced automatically and marked them as bounce email IDs in the system since those IDs will no longer valid or not in use. And for any next emails campaign, those bounced ID will be automatically excluded and will not receive any emails from you.

Yes. Bulk Mailer supports all international character sets and languages. When you compose a non english message, you should select the corresponding character set for this email.


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