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  • Search Engine Optimization
    2,000 INR
    (For 1 Month / Keyword)
    • 2-8 Months to Rank
    • SEO Analysis
    • Google Ranking Report
    • Keywords Research
    • Competitor Analysis
  • Search Ads (PPC)
    20,000 INR
    (For 1 Month / Platform)
    • Paid Ads Worth INR 7,000
    • Keywords Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Optimizing Ads
  • Display Ads (PPC)
    20,000 INR
    (For 1 Month)
    • Paid Ads Worth INR 7,000
    • Ad Graphics (All Sizes)
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Optimizing Ads
  • Video Ads (PPC)
    20,000 INR
    (For 1 Month / Platform)
    • Paid Ads Worth INR 7,000
    • 2 Infographic Videos
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Optimizing Ads
  • Customized
    As per actual Per Month
    • We are happily Bound to match your expectations with Pricing & Services


Genuine Report

All information on Your Tips

User - friendly

Easy to Track & Manage


Easy Customizable According to Budget

Brand Awareness

Your Brand Deserves Global Awareness


Consistent to Target Prospect All the Time


Outstanding Way to Engage Your Audience

Call to Action

Every Graphic must have a "Call" to Action for better resultss

Content Mix

Have a combination of Text, Image, Video & research


Understand Your Audience

Instant Delivery

Deliver Message Quickly

High End Security

Next Level security for data

Super Flexible

24x7 Active Account

Why Search Engine Matters?

  • People trust on Brand who shows results on Google's First Page

  • 80%

    Accuracy to target your audience

  • People search online before buying any product or servicee

  • 57%

    Consumers check reviews of the Brand before buying

  • People in India suffer from ‘nomophobia’ the fear of being without a smartphone


Search Engine's Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization is crucial since being at the top of search rankings has a huge value for site owners. It's estimated three out of four clicks from online searches visit the top five rankings on Google. There are millions of pages on the web that can match a potential keyword. Any website that expects to rank high for a specific term or phrase is going to have to make sure their site's SEO provides them the best possible chance.

Mobile SEO

Mobile devices also have increased the value of SEO. With smartphones and tablets, there are far more searches being done than previously. And with search engines deploying particular calculations for local and mobile search, you will find new opportunities for sites to make it to the very top of their outcomes.

SEO / SEM Builds Trust & Credibility

The goal of any experienced SEO is to establish a strong foundation for a beautiful website with a clean, effective user experience that is easily discoverable in search with thanks to the trust and credibility of the brand and its digital properties. It is a highly effective and result-oriented approach (if conducted properly).

Expertise Across All Platforms

We have extensive expertise in most of all industry domains, including On-demand, Event & Conference, Health & Fitness, Transportation, Photo & Video, Social Networking, Food and Beverages and Travel & Tourism that enable us to deliver the most trusted services for various industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Put simply, SEO is a process that forms part of a digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimising a website to make it more visible in search engine results pages (i.e. in Google search results) with the goal of driving organic traffic to the website. Organic traffic is driven to a website from clicks on these search results.

Organic traffic is natural in the sense that it is earned rather than paid for, but to be successful, you still need to invest a lot of time and resource in SEO. Search engines have got better at identifying the intent of search queries which makes choosing the right keywords to drive traffic even more important.

Because organic traffic is not paid for, once an SEO strategy takes effect and visibility increases, a website will see growth in this channel. More visibility = more traffic = more potential customers = more potential revenue.

But it’s not just about getting ANY traffic to a website. If it’s not good quality traffic, there is no value in it. So don’t ever pay anyone who claims that they can deliver thousands of visitors to your website overnight!

Yes, your business should be investing in SEO. Search engine optimization offers a way to increase traffic without paying for each and every click.

When you run PPC ads, you'll be charged for every single click that comes to your website through that channel. However, if your website ranks organically on the search engines, this traffic is essentially free (at least in terms of a cost-per-click). Of course, it takes investment into skills and resources to rank a website on the SERPs

If you're able to rank your website at the top of the search engines, you'll benefit from a stream of traffic that won't have click costs associated with it, and that won't stop when ads are turned off. Rank organically, and you'll enjoy 24/7 visibility.

But let's also remember that organic search is responsible for an average of 53% of total site traffic. If you're ignoring SEO, your competitors are enjoying this traffic. Most businesses cannot ignore the importance of SEO. No matter what type of company you are, whether you're a local business, sell online, or are a global enterprise, you need to be paying attention to your SEO strategy.

Off page SEO primarily focuses on links.

Links are important for SEO, and probably always will be as they act as a signal that people are finding content interesting enough to vouch for by linking to it.

Amplifying content also falls under off page SEO. This means promoting content through other channels to encourage influencers, peers, publishers, or customers to share your content, or write about your content, with a link back to your site.

All links are not created equal. And good links are not easy to come by.

On-page SEO relates to any action taken on the website itself to improve performance. This includes:

Using optimised content that contains target keywords (including meta, headers, images)

Making sure that the site is accessible (can be crawled and indexed by

search engines) and can be easily navigated by users

Using internal links (in menus, body copy, and breadcrumbs to aid navigation)

Ensuring that a website loads quickly

Keeping crawl errors to a minimum

Having a site that is optimised for mobile

Not having duplicate (same content on more than one page), or thin content (low word count), or making sure these pages cannot be accessed and indexed by search engines Using clean, descriptive, static URLs with a structure that follows the same structure as the site.

SEO-friendly content doesn't mean keyword-stuffed content, far from it.

The reality is that SEO needs to be an essential part of the content creation process if you want your content to perform well organically. So then, how do you create SEO-friendly content?

You start with keyword research to help you understand the terms people are searching for, determine search intent, the right format, and get your on-page SEO right.

A question that's always asked is whether a business should invest in SEO, PPC, or both. It's the age-old SEO vs. PPC debate.

In an ideal world, a business should balance multiple marketing channels to avoid a reliance on any single source of traffic (and conversions). But, especially for smaller businesses, budget is often a challenge, and resources must be allocated efficiently. Funds aren't endless.

Even in this instance, it's essential to balance a long-term SEO strategy with a small but targeted PPC campaign.

We certainly don’t think so. SEO has certainly evolved, and continues to do so. Providing the Internet doesn’t become irrelevant, SEO will be around for a long time.


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